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Ramz is a cultural initiative, women empowering and fashion conscious brand.

"Sometimes it takes going back to your roots to bloom."



Tatreez is the tradition of women telling their life experiences/stories through embroidery. For decades in the levant villages, women expressed themselves by decorating their dresses with embroidery symbols. They spent months on a dress and made tens/hundreds of thousands of stitches on a garment. In fact each dress was an evolving project. A woman’s design reflected her village, marital and social status, her character and her environment. Later on, she would adjust her thobe/dress  according to the changes in her life. A widowed woman for example would add an entire blue section to her existing thobe. A woman ready for remarriage would make her intentions known by choosing certain motifs and colors. 

Most of the motifs themselves are originally Palestinian, however many of them were brought in from other continents across the silk road, or with the European crusaders for example, influencing the indiginous styles and patterns of embroidery .


Fascinated by this complex art form, we became compelled to bring its beauty and magical spirit back into our lives again. In addition, and because we believe in the important role heritage plays in the development of our contemporary culture and in defining our unique identity in a melting pot world, we created Ramz embroidery 2019 in Amman. 

Ramz is a hand embroidery ready to wear apparel line which embellishes each of its pieces with traditional motifs. We firmly belive in the importance of preserving the symbols as they originally appeared on old thobes, not changing them and not compromising on their cultural value.


The skilled women currently still practicing this art form typically live a less privileged life, in marginalized neighborhoods, outside of Amman. We feel it is our role to empower these women and collaborate with them in order to create social impact and to bring the glory of our heritage to the modern era.

We hope to fill your hearts with the joy of Tatreez. Thank you for being part of our journey!